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    Higher education market in Ukraine
    (2014) Volkotrub, A.; Ivanova, N. Yu.
    The article analyses key features o f how the higher education market develops in Ukraine. In order to cover the topic on a large scale, we have defined the terms o f education sen’ice and sen’ice differentiation. The analysis o f market structure gives reasons for stating that the higher education market in Ukraine acts under the conditions o f monopolistic competition.
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    New approaches of performance estimation of Ukrainian commercial banks
    (2014) Tokarchuk, Viktor
    In the article the different ways of measuring banks ’performance, including traditional performance metrics and more advanced methods and their comparative analysis has been done. Based on econometric modeling of panel data models the more important determinants of banks ’profitability has been estimated and the directions of the enhancing banks ’long-term performance has been proposed.
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    The problem of defining enterprise crisis management
    (2014) Lytvyn, Anton
    In the article, the main scientific approaches to defining and understanding enterprise crisis management are analyzed, the contradictions in the theoretic field are presented and discussed, as well as other problematic issues o f crisis decision making are identified.
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    Financial management decision of mergence and aquisition process for innovative companies
    (2014) Lukianenko, Iryna; Krykun, О.
    In the article the special features of the Mergence and Acquisition process for innovative companies of Internet technology industry has been analyzed
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    Benefits of using Bayesian estimation for macromodels of Ukraine: the case of application to bivariate VAR model
    (2014) Stelmashenko, Yaroslava
    Ukrainian econometricians often face a shortage o f observations necessary for providing precise answers to complex macroeconomic questions. Recent studies ha\’e shown that the Bayesian Estimation approach can solve this problem as it is partially based on nonsample information. In this paper the theoretical analysis and practical application o f using the Bayesian Estimation is presented. A bivariate VAR(2) model has been build to estimate quarterly GDP growth and CPIfor Ukraine using Gibbs sampling and a Minnesota prior. The empirical results show robust correlation betM’een the estimate and actual quarterly GDP and CPI figures, indicating the ability o f the Bayesian Estimation to provide a high level o f accuracy in macromodels o f Ukraine.