Вип. 14. Економічні студії

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    Сім років магістерській програмі "Економічна теорія" (Замість передмови)
    (2004) Масюк, Андрій; Краснікова, Лариса
    Передмова до часопису "Магістеріум", № 14, тематична серія - "Економічні студії".
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    Parametric Estimation of Environmental Efficiencies and Shadow Prices of Environmental Pollutants: Cross-Country Approach
    (2004) Salnykov, Mikhail; Zelenyuk, Valentyn
    This paper has a main purpose of estimation of environmental efficiencies of economies and shadow prices of environmental pollutants for post-communist countries and comparison of them to the respective indicators of other countries. The obtained values of efficiencies can be used as sustainability indicators in determining the international development priorities. Shadow prices estimates can be used as reference values in setting rates of environmental taxation and international environmental trade rates. We approach the problem by using a Shephard-type directional distance function estimated by Translog specification for calculating efficiencies and its duality to the revenue function for estimating the respective shadow prices. Our findings point on inefficient allocation of pollution among the countries as well as provide estimates of economically justified reference values for environmental taxation and international environmental trade rates.
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    Облікова політика підприємства як елемент регламентації бухгалтерського обліку
    (2004) Петрук, Олександр
    Розглянуто облікову політику підприємства як елемент регулювання бухгалтерського обліку. Визначено межі її застосування та структуру. Запропоновано напрями подальших досліджень.
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    Economic Forces at Work in Academia
    (2004) Coupe, Tom
    When economists think and write about organizations, they typically focus on commercial firms A relatively small number of economists, however, have recently begun focusing on the organization in which they work, universities. This note reviews some of this literature and draws parallelisms between the behavior and characteristics affirms and the behavior and characteristics of universities. One will note that most of this literature is based on the experience of US universities, while few studies look at West European universities. As far as I know there are no systematic (English language) studies that use Central and East European universities as subject of study. In this note, I will focus on 4 issues: the incentives given by universities to their employees, the internal organization of universities, the competition between universities for students and faculty and the use of reputation by universities.
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    Incidence of Wage Arrears in Ukraine
    (2004) Boichenko, Olena
    Applying Probit estimation techniques based on nationally representative household-level data, we develop the first empirical study of the determinants of wage arrears in Ukraine. It is shown that individual characteristics of workers are less contributive to the incidence of wage arrears than the characteristics of the enterprises. Our analysis also suggests that for firms, among the most significant determinants of wage arrears are regional location, industrial affiliation and type of ownership.