Особливості професійного самовизначення сучасних студентів

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Боднар, Алла
Рибалочка, Катерина
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У статті розглянуто проблему професійного самовизначення студентів на етапі навчання у ЗВО, виділено основні підходи до вивчення цього процесу, описано особливості його мети, компонентів, етапів та розкрито зв’язок із професійною ідентичністю. Також проаналізовано досвід професійного самовизначення студентів іноземних вишів і виділено ключові тенденції та практики, які можна використати у вітчизняних ЗВО.
The article addresses the problem of professional self-determination of university students; describes the main approaches to the concept of professional self-determination, its components and stages; analyzes the experience of professional self-determination of international student, and highlights the key trends and practices that can be used in Ukrainian universities; and investigates interrelations between professional self-determination and professional identity. The results show that such indicators of professional self-determination as Autonomy, Decision-making, and Planning have an average degree of severity. But the Information scale was the lowest one. It indicates the need for organizing additional information activities and courses. Also, a strong relationship was found between Autonomy, Decision-making, Planning skills, and the formation of professional identity. It emphasizes the importance of developing these components in an integrative way. The research reveals that the main status of professional identity among students is the moratorium (crisis of choice). It indicates that most students are undecided and looking for professional trajectories, options of career development, and they need additional support in this area. Also, most students have an average subjective control level. We can conclude that they are ready to make decisions, with additional support and coaching. As a result of the analysis of the experience of international students, the following practices that can help to promote professional self-determination: a separate course "Marketing Yourself"; a task to create MindMap of yourself (about interests, dreams, aspirations, fears and doubts); career centres that regularly organize lectures; resume and interview workshops; and writing reflections after every course.
самовизначення, професійне самовизначення, професійна ідентичність, стаття, self-determination, professional self-determination, career identity
Боднар А. Я. Особливості професійного самовизначення сучасних студентів / Боднар А. Я., Рибалочка К. А. // Психологія та психосоціальні інтервенції. - 2020. - Т. 3. - С. 3-10.