Активізація міфу у період кризи: особливості міфологем "війни" та "героя"

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Зубрицька, Людмила
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У статті розглянуто тему активізації міфологічних структур у масовій свідомості під час кризових, переломних періодів. Виявлено особливості архетипу «героя» та міфологем «війни», «страху», «жертви», які сьогодні функціонують у масовій свідомості українського суспільства.
The article regards the issue of revitalization of mythological structures in the public consciousness in terms of the crisis and turning points of history. It sheds light on mainstreaming of “hero,” “war,” “fear,” and “sacrifice” archetypes in the public consciousness of the modern Ukrainian society. The real social and political problems in the public consciousness are mythologized and substituted by the simplistic notions of the struggle between two mythologized entities. Mythologization stands on the cross road of the loss of a person’s own identity, which motivates to searching the new one, personification of the objectives of the crisis in terms of “good/evil” division and spatial–temporal reasoning. Thus, Ukrainian society is trying to ensure the “us – them,” “familiar – strange,” “friend – enemy” separation (in the context of social and state institutions). Thereby, the image of a “hero” as the bearer of the absolute good in the mythological consciousness corresponds to the image of “the enemy.” According to Ukrainian realities, the mythological space is clearly marked: “pro-Russian Crimea,” “ATO zone,” “Lunahsk/ Donetsk People’s Republic.” The “War” mytheme has always granted a special status and prestige to the military profession; therefore, the military spheres (ATO soldiers, volunteers) are often glorified and praised in Ukraine. The “Fear” mytheme actualizes the importance of professional defenders of law and order, law enforcers, internal affairs employees, and intelligence. The “Victim” mytheme continues to play a part in the public consciousness and refers to the “martyrs” of the armed conflict, the majorly, the prisoners of war (one embodiment of which is Nadia Savchenko). The “Victim” mytheme is also considered as a “fare” for Ukraine’s independence. The significance of existence of the mythological structures embraces simplified explanations and restoration of the worldview that is collapsing and changing. In fact, the myths serve as a powerful therapeutic mechanism in times of wars and crises.
політичний міф, міфологема, архетип, криза, political myth, аrchetypе, crises
Зубрицька Людмила Йосипівна. Активізація міфу у період кризи : особливості міфологем "війни" та "героя" / Зубрицька Л. Й. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Політичні науки. - 2016. - Т. 186. - С. 72-76.