Психологічна консультація клієнтів дорослого віку

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Бушай, Ігор
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У статті проаналізовано методологічні та практичні підходи психологічного консультування клієнтів дорослого віку; узагальнено основні психологічні проблеми цієї вікової категорії; обґрунтовано концепцію відновлення рівноваги між образом світу та образом "Я" клієнтів як основний внутрішній механізм психічної рівноваги; розглянуто аспекти професійної підготовки психолога до консультативної практики з дорослими людьми.
The article analyzes methodological and practical approaches of psychological counseling for adult clients. General psychological problems of this age group are generalized; the concept of restoration of balance between the image of the world and the image of the “I” of clients as the main internal mechanism of mental equilibrium is substantiated; the aspects of professional training of a psychologist to advisory practice with adults are considered. The urgent problem of psychological counseling for adult clients is to help them to solve such problems as negative behaviors, disadaptation, loss of the meaning of life, addictive behavior, depression, etc. Psychological help should be carried out in the direction of qualitative transformations of the image of the world and the image of “I”, which envisage the expansion of knowledge about the world, its positive emotional experience, the realism of ideological beliefs. The general trend in the development of the worldview is the lack of realism in the image of the world, which affects the formation of a false system of values, the development of distorted moral ideas, and as a consequence, problems of health, self-realization, professional adaptation, and behavior deviations. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the methodology and methods of psychological counseling for clients of the adult age group. Specialization of practical activity of a psychologist with this age category requires special knowledge, skills, and skills from a specialist that qualitatively differ from the provision of psychological services to other age groups (children, adolescents, etc.). The success of solving the psychological problems of clients entirely depends on the introduction of the correct, in other words, “more objective”, realistic methodology of counseling. The task of the article is to describe specific aspects of advisory psychological counseling for adults. Summarizing the issue of adult counseling, we note that this type of activity requires from a psychologist to continuously improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as to rethink the life experience. The presence of only one of the components of this activity provokes unprofessionality – it often manifests as the behavior in the style of a teacher, a teacher of higher education, in which there is a somewhat superficial, authoritarian attitude to students. Consequently, effective counseling for adult clients is stimulated by professional introspection and qualification in order to avoid professional deviation. Therefore, it is advisable for a psychologist to gain experience with clients (patients) of the adult age group to practice in a counseling center under the guidance of a specialist, and if this is a medical institution – a doctor or therapist.
психологічна консультація, дорослий вік, образ світу, образ "Я", стаття, psychological counseling, adult age, image of the world, image of “I”
Бушай І. М. Психологічна консультація клієнтів дорослого віку / Бушай І. М. // Психологія та психосоціальні інтервенції : науковий журнал. - 2018. - Т. 1. - С. 20-24.