Вип. 18. Економічні студії

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    (2005) Краснікова, Лариса
    Передмова до часопису "Магістеріум", № 18, тематична серія - "Економічні студії".
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    Dollarization in the CIS: the Case of Ukraine
    (2005) Curtis, Elisabeth; Gardner, Roy; Waller, Christopher
    Like many emerging market economies, the Ukrainian economy is partially dollarized - in fact, its entire period of independence has been marked by significant dollarization. What makes this situation more striking is that, while Ukraine has witnessed two very different monetary regimes since independence, the extent of dollarization appears to be largely unchanged across the two regimes. We offer an explanation of this phenomenon, highlighting the significant role the shadow economy plays in Ukraine, and we discuss implications/or dollarization or euroization in Ukraine's future.
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    Ukraine, the Enlargement of the European Union and Consequences for Higher Education
    (2005) Shlomo, Weber; Hans, Wiesmeth
    Even though Ukraine is to some extent integrated into the world trading system, and is characterized by a remarkably high education index, both the structural composition of imports and exports and the absolute numbers on GDP per capita and on expenditures/or research and development represent a considerable gap between the economic development in Ukraine and in the member states of the European Union. The enlargement of the European Union and the establishment of the Free Trade Area between Ukraine and the European Union will offer Ukraine an enhanced opportunity for fostering its economic growth. In order to accommodate the increasing capital intensity due to the rising flow of foreign direct investment, it will be necessary to raise labour intensity by shifting the focus to new products with higher knowledge content. This in turn requires a careful analysis of adequate study programs in the institutions of higher learning.
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    The Society Transformation During Transition: Income Mobility in Ukraine
    (2005) Kuzmenko, D.; Krasnikova, Larysa
    The study is devoted to the analysis of income mobility in Ukraine. The issue of income mobility is examined on both macro and microeconomic levels using a number of statistic and econometric tools. The findings of the study include the analysis of mobility direction, mobility intensity, the behaviour of income movements of people in different income intervals, and the adjustment of different individual skills and characteristics in the transition period.
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    Використання аналітичних процедур для підвищення ефективності аудиту
    (2005) Івахненков, Сергій; Іськович, Т.
    У статті розглянуто поняття та сутність аналітичних процедур в аудиті. Наведена класифікація методів аналітичних процедур, досліджено їх використання на різних етапах проведення аудиту, розкрито особливості використання регресійного аналізу із застосуванням комп'ютерної техніки.