Визначення права і визначеність закону

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Матвєєва, Юлія
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У статті йдеться про співвідношення понять "визначення права" і "визначеність закону". Авторка обстоює думку про те, що однозначне визначення права дати неможливо. Проте невизначеність права долається визначеністю закону. Розглянуто принцип правової визначеності як одну з основних вимог верховенства права.
The article addresses the issue of the definition of law and the certainty of a statute. It is impossible to unequivocally define law. Nevertheless, legal uncertainty is being overcome with the help of the statutory certainty, while the legal certainty principle lies within the main demands of the rule of law. Law as an issue includes many aspects. A rigid definition of law implies the understanding of law being unchangeable and stable. Perception of law based on just one type of legal understanding popular in legal scholarship is obviously unsafe. Therefore the major perception of law in the postmodern society is that law is one of the means of reaching a social compromise through the application of different social communication methods. Every legal dispute is a matter of dialogic communication viewed as an important way of solving that dispute. Law in its nature is a form of dialogic and even polylogic social communication. In such a case, language of communication gets a greater role, being represented by the linguistic approach. Language, text, dialog constitute the universal means of communication. They are the basis of modern approaches to solving legal disputes. Statutes, being a form of legal texts, regulate an important part of social relations. Statutes are bound by the principle of legal certainty, which means that they have to be precise, understandable, and easy to follow. The norm may not become a "statute" if it is not precisely formulated, thus allowing a person to be guided by it. On the other hand, statutory interpretation has to be aimed at determining such a substance of the text that would fully comply with the idea of protection of human rights and interests. Thus, the uncertainty of the definition of law is being clarified by the means of statutory certainty being an important element of the rule of law.
визначення права, принцип правової визначеності, стаття, the definition of law, the legal certainty principle
Матвєєва Ю. І. Визначення права і визначеність закону / Матвєєва Ю. І. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Юридичні науки. - 2016. - Т. 181. - С. 47-49.