European-type helmets in Ukraine during the Cimmerian time

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Klochko, Danylo
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Національний університет "Києво-Могилянська академія"
The only eight Cimmerian time helmets which had been found in Ukraine as of now belong to three different types and have European analogies. Three of these helmets belong to the oldest type of metal helmets in Europe. There are two unique items, one probably being a transitional form between two subsequent types and another — the local imitation of foreign type. Generally, the presence of such findings in Ukraine indicate the lasting connections between peoples of the North Pontic Region and their western neighbors. The traces of damage on all eight helmets indicate their direct usage in combat.
Ukraine, Cimmerian time, helmets, Late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age, conference abstracts
Klochko D. D. European-type helmets in Ukraine during the Cimmerian time / Danylo Klochko // Археологічні студії: здобутки та перспективи 2023 : тези конференції, 26 січня 2023 року / [редкол.: О. Білинський (голова), М. Іванов, Д. Клочко, Ю. Ходукіна] ; Національний університет "Києво-Могилянська академія", Кафедра археології. - Київ : НаУКМА, 2023. - C. 29-35.