Співвідношення національних і міжнародних правових систем

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Козюбра, Микола
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У статті здійснено аналіз напрямів взаємодії міжнародних і національних правових систем в умовах глобалізації, а також місця міжнародних договорів у національній правовій системі, конституційних підстав, засобів і способів подолання колізій між національним законодавством України і міжнародними договорами України.
The article states that one of the hallmarks of globalization in the legal sphere is the growing influence of international law and international legal systems on the national legal systems and their families, hence the increased attention to this phenomenon from lawyers, especially specialists in international law. Acknowledging their achievements, the author emphasizes that the problem of interrelation of national and international legal systems has an interdisciplinary character and cannot be solved only by the experts in international law. The comprehensive understanding of this interrelation requires joint efforts of specialists in international law, as well as experts in constitutional law and general theory of law. Taking this into consideration and agreeing with the importance of the principle of "pacta sunt servanda" for disclosing the correlation between international and national legal systems (which is the basement for research of lawyers in international law), the author proceeds from the fact that the use of this requirement is significantly different in internal and external activities of a state. From the standpoint of constitutional law, this principle applies to the national activities with the significant reservations. Therefore, the author concludes that the priority of international law (especially the norms of international treaties) over national laws could be recognized only for those international treaties the implementation of which has ceased to be exceptionally internal according to the modern international standards, thus acquiring a supranational and extraterritorial character. Such internal activity primarily includes ensuring human rights and freedoms. From this perspective, the article analyzes other aspects of the interrelation between international and national legal systems: the ways of overcoming conflicts between international treaties and national legislation of Ukraine; the possibility of using the universally recognized principles and norms of international law in the legal system of Ukraine; the correlation of the ratified international treaties and the Constitution of Ukraine.
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Козюбра М. І. Співвідношення національних і міжнародних правових систем / Козюбра М. І. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Юридичні науки. - 2016. - Т. 181. - С. 3-11.