Принцип недискримінації в контексті Угоди про асоціацію між Україною та ЄС

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Мороз, Юлія
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У статті проаналізовано роль принципу недискримінації в контексті Угоди про асоціацію з ЄС, спираючись на його значення в праві ЄС. Автор зосереджує увагу на главі 21 Угоди та порядку імплементації її норм у національне законодавство.
Theoretical and legal research of Ukraine–EU Association Agreement has become a question of urgent importance, especially its structure and methods of its implementation to the national legislation. General legal principles are an essential part of this Treaty, including the principle of non-discrimination. The paper stresses the importance of the non-discrimination principle in the European Union law. This fact could not help playing a part in fixing this principle in a few articles of the Association Agreement as one of the common values. The author investigates the concept of “common values” of the EU law and agrees with the scientists’ opinion that compliance with non-discrimination principle is a component of "political criteria" for the EU membership (within the meaning of Copenhagen Criteria 1993). A great part of this article addresses the chronology of antidiscrimination amendments to Ukrainian laws. Actually, the vast majority of amendments were made in the line with the UN, OCSE and EU recommendations, but Ukraine made significant efforts for liberalization of visa policy and hoped the Ukraine–EU Association Treaty would be signed. The main result of the research is not only processing of the Treaty text, the EU Directives in the antidiscrimination sector, but also strategical executive plans of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. Foregoing plans state that national legislation "meets European standards in general." But it does not mean that the work in the field of combating discrimination is considered finished. There are legal norms in the national legislation which are outdated and violate not only the principle of non-discrimination but also human rights (labour, private life, etc.). Undoubtedly, these norms should be edited according to the rhythm of the modern life.
принцип недискримінації, права людини, Угода про асоціацію з ЄС, європейські цінності, Копенгагенські критерії, стаття, principle of non-discrimination, human rights, Ukraine–EU Association Agreement, European values, Copenhagen Criteria
Мороз Ю. К. Принцип недискримінації в контексті Угоди про асоціацію між Україною та ЄС / Мороз Ю. К. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Юридичні науки. - 2016. - Т. 181. - С. 57-60.