Competencies of Personnel in Economy 4.0: Challenges and Solutions

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Chala, Nina
Poplavska, Oksana
Danylevych, Nataliya
Maksma, Mariya
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The article is dedicated to the analysis of the transformation of the worker’s competencies model in the Economy 4.0 conditions, to the identification of the causes for the increase of the labor redundancy and mismatch on the labor market. The authors identified key competencies that are important for Ukrainian businesses and made a forecast of required competencies for 2030. The analysis of the compliance of training programs of educational institutions with market requirements has practical value. The authors also proposed the roadmap for coordination of the program of the human resource manager competencies development. An important result came out to be the developed matrix of the necessary level of development of staff competencies for various divisions of the company depending on the decision-making center.
employee competency model, education, labor market, the matrix of key competencies and required level of their development, article
Competencies of personnel in economy 4.0: Challenges and solutions [electronic resource] / Nina Chala, Oksana Poplavska, Nataliya Danylevych, Mariya Maksma // Journal of Optimization in Industrial Engineering. - 2021. - Vol. 14, Issue 1. - P. 71-77.