Стратегічне управління й нове врядування: щоб не відставати від тренду

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Рябцев, Геннадій
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Національний університет "Києво-Могилянська академія"
Метою дослідження є визначення місця стратегічного управління та його інструментів у суспільному управлінні як системі у взаємозв’язку з виникненням нового (суспільного) врядування.
The purpose of the study is to determine the place of strategizing and its tools in public administration as a system in relation to the formation of new (public) governance. Based on the results of the study, the following conclusions were made: 1. Scientific management arose due to the need to achieve common society goals, which required the division of functions and coordination of actions. With the complexity of the goals, it evolves towards greater consideration of the influence of the environment. This allows for strategizing. 2. Strategizing is a process and technology by which the subject of administration influences the object in order to achieve common society goals, continuously taking into account changes in the environment. The prerequisite for the emergence of strategizing is the need to solve increasingly complex societal problems that arise as a result of integration processes in the information society. 3. Strategizing arises for the same reasons as the new (public) governance, which narrows the functions of the state, some of which become the property of society, and leaves to the government goal-setting, coordination, guaranteeing national security and the rule of law. 4. Strategizing techniques (scenario forecasting, foresight, risk management), in contrast to planning techniques, which involve the mandatory determination of expected quantitative indicators, allow to narrow the field of uncertainty, minimize future shocks and reduce possible negative consequences. 5. Cultural, cognitive, managerial, communication and competence barriers prevent the implementation of strategizing techniques. In order to overcome these barriers, it is necessary to abandon policy-making tied to the election cycle and focused on obtaining quick benefits, and combine forecasting with evidence-based policy making.
стратегування, стратегічне управління, суспільне врядування, нове врядування, доказова політика, сценарне прогнозування, форсайтинг, керування ризиком, розділ монографії, strategizing, strategic management, public governance, new governance, evidence-based policy-making, scenario forecasting, foresight, risk management
Рябцев Г. Л. Стратегічне управління й нове врядування: щоб не відставати від тренду / Геннадій Рябцев // Public policy, governance and communications in the EU member states and candidate countries : post-conference monograph / [V. Burksiene et al. ; gen. ed. by G. Riabtsev and V. Tertychka] ; National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy [et al.]. - Kyiv : NaUKMA, 2023. - С. 28-42.