Методи нейтралізації впливу мережевої латентності в мультиплеєрних іграх

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Бублик, Володимир
Дученчук, Володимир
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У роботі йдеться про дослідження методів нейтралізації впливу мережевої латентності в мультиплеєрних мультимедійних іграх з метою їх використання для вирішення основних проблем затримки синхронізації ігрових станів в умовах мережевих комунікацій. Розглянуто застосування наведених методів для створення ігор Dragon Sim Online та Dog Sim Online.
Development of multiplayer games faces a number of problems related both to the nature of the individual capabilities of its participants and to their implementation in the conditions of branched networks. This paper focuses on the main negative factors in multiplayer games which should be taken into account by their developers, namely: network latency together with jitter in data transfer. The presence of latency leads to the appearance of jitter-RTT oscillations of the transmit-receive time from the expected value. It is well known that one of the network problems is latency; that is, the delay, compared with the expected, of theb real-time response to the request. Network latency is the most significant reason for delays in multiplayer games. A certain level of latency is always presented; thus its reduction is still possible. Game developers can use this reduction as a source for improvement of experience for game participants. The aim of the approaches suggested in the paper is to solve the main problems of delays in the synchronization of game states depending on conditions of network communications. Some neutralization methods of the influence of network latency in multiplayer multimedia games have been presented. The methods discussed in the work include: compression and aggregation of packets, interpolation and client side prediction, which includes dead reckoning and client move prediction. Compression can minimise the size of packets to be transferred, while aggregation can minimise the network traffic by collecting packets together. The use of interpolation on the client side ensures smoothness of the state updates during a certain period of time by interpolating to them instead of using them immediately. In order to neutralize the influence of the network latency, the client side prediction uses extrapolation instead of interpolation to keep up with the server state. Dead reckoning enables a client to extrapolate a future state from the latest known state. Using client move prediction, a client can instantly simulate the input of a local player. The application and approbation of the above methods by creating Dragon Sim Online and Dog Sim Online games has been considered.
мультимедійні ігри, мультиплеєрні ігри, мережева латентність, мобільні операційні системи, методи нейтралізації, multimedia games, mobile operating systems, methods of neutralization, стаття
Бублик В. В. Методи нейтралізації впливу мережевої латентності в мультиплеєрних іграх / Бублик В. В., Дученчук В. Б. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Комп'ютерні науки. - 2017. - Т. 198. - С. 42-46.