Система захисту рухомих об'єктів із використанням GPS/GSM-модулів та радіопротоколу

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Гороховський, Семен
Алєксєєв, Антон
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Розглянуто проблему захисту та охорони на прикладі рухомого об’єкта – велосипеда, з використанням GSM- і GPS-модулів. Показано основні особливості наявних систем у цій сфері, їхні переваги й недоліки. Наведено переваги використання радіопротоколу для захисту велосипедів. Розроблено модель системи, що відповідає потребам користувача.
Bicycle security systems have not developed as much as home security, and it is difficult to find competitive examples when researching the market. Many security systems on the market have weaknesses that can be bypassed or are not convenient to use. The technologies used to protect bicycles are rather uniform, predictable and not reliable. Most of such systems do not have convenient means of monitoring, such as, for example, a mobile application. Improvement of these systems, introduction of new technologies is very relevant in the field of bicycle protection. This is due to the unpopularity of these systems, their unreliability and lack of control over the phone. The majority of bicycle users are inclined to use proven methods – bicycle locks. But this decision is wrong. The system with GPS is so easy not to be deceived – it has more than one level of protection, and quickly warns the user about a threat. It has deterrents and means of attracting the attention of others. In addition, the use of GSM technology facilitates the possibility of control through a mobile application, which simplifies work with the system. Using GPS is the best way to monitor the position of the bicycle in space, and to track movement in unpredictable circumstances. GPS opens a number of possibilities and increases the functionality of the system. From monitoring the situation of the protection object to collecting statistics]. The GSM module is almost never used in bicycle security systems. This is due to the concept of bike guarding, which says why use the ability to transmit data to any corner of the world if the user does not move more than 100 meters from the guarded object. But this concept is wrong. GSM is one of the fastest solutions among analogs. But transmission speed is not the only criterion for information transmission in wireless systems.Since the bicycle is a moving object, and the security system must be wireless, an important criterion for the functioning of such a system is the operating time. This article deals with the problem of protecting a moving object, using GSM and GPS modules. The main features of existing systems in this area, their advantages and disadvantages are shown. The advantages of using a radio protocol for bicycle protection are given. A model of the system that meets the needs of the user has been developed.
система захисту, GSM, GPS, радіопротокол, бездротова система, стаття, security system, GSM, GPS, radio protocol, wireless system
Гороховський С. С. Система захисту рухомих об'єктів із використанням GPS/GSM-модулів та радіопротоколу / Гороховський С. С., Алєксєєв А. В. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Комп'ютерні науки. - 2022. - Т. 5. - С. 41-44. - https://doi.org/10.18523/2617-3808.2022.5.41-44