Деформації образу світу молоді в процесі соціалізації

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Бушай, Ігор
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У статті описано структурні деформації образу світу сучасних старшокласників, як-от порушення когнітивних знань про світ, емоційних переживань, сприйняття реального та ідеального світу. Деформації образу світу є психологічною основою формування відхилень поведінки і соціалізації сучасних школярів.
The article analyzes psychological peculiarities of the image of the world and personal manifestations of the character of students with different forms of behaviour disorders. The types of image of the world and the personal traits of the character are analyzed. The peculiarities of the worldview of schoolchildren with aggression, autoaggression, overpriced hobbies, and emotional disorders are revealed. The influence of the image of the world on defects of the self-image and behaviour disturbance is established. The influence of a negative emotional background of the image of the world on the formation of dependent forms of behaviour is determined. It has been proven that the psychological correction of students with adaptation problems should include programs to stimulate a positive experience of the world and to restore an internal equilibrium. The directions of further exploration of the problems of psychology of addictive behaviours are outlined. During puberty, significant behavioral abnormalities may occur in children. With timely psychological and pedagogical intervention, destructive manifestations are situational or episodic. If parents and pedagogues do not resort to psychological correction, negative models of interaction between the teenager and the world become unlikely to overturn, and the troublesome behaviour becomes irreversible. The results of the study of the image of the world and the personal traits of students with different behavioral abnormalities are presented in this article. For example, it has been found that the adolescents’ use of profanity in communication with peers is caused solely by mechanisms of imitation and identification of the image of the world inherent in their family or social environment. In other words, there is a negative stimulation of the development of the image of the world of the child, the outward manifestation of aggressive behaviour. This, in turn, testifies to emotional-volitional instability and accentuation of character. Thus, the teenager demonstrates his/her “adulthood”. The article analyzes the causes of different types of addictive behaviour of young people: tobacco, gaming, computer, and more. Psychological correction in such cases should be aimed at establishing a dynamic equilibrium of the system “Image of the world – image of I”. That is, the child’s consciousness tries to adapt to the external conditions of being in a certain space, and this affects his/her behaviour. Under these conditions, responses may differ from generally accepted social norms. Stimulating self-development of the person and helping the teenager to form a realistic, content-rich worldview will positively affect the development of personal reflection and rethinking of one’s self-image.
образ світу, соціалізація, поведінка, деформація, стаття, addiction, consciousness, unconsciousness, personality, behavior
Бушай І. М. Деформації образу світу молоді в процесі соціалізації / Бушай І. М. // Психологія та психосоціальні інтервенції. - 2020. - Т. 3. - С. 18-22.