Чинники залучення батьків гомосексуальних дітей до ЛГБТ-руху в Україні

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Марценюк, Тамара
Колеснік, В.
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У статті розглянуто передумови створення руху батьків ЛГБТ-дітей як у деяких західних, так і пострадянських країнах, охарактеризовано організації батьків ЛГБТ-дітей. Виявлено такі основ- ні чинники залучення матерів і тат до ЛГБТ-активізму: пов’язані із задоволенням власних потреб та зумовлені бажанням допомогти іншим. Емпіричним матеріалом статті виступили інтерв’ю з активістками батьківської ЛГБТ-організації в Україні.
Although, compared to the previous century, the attitudes of many democratic societies to the LGBT community has become more tolerant, the problem of homophobia is still relevant in the world. This is one of the reasons why parents stand together in groups in defense of their LGBT children to change this attitude and support of other mothers and fathers. Currently in many Western countries the movement of parents of homosexual children, actively operates, often on the national level. Among the largest and most famous NGOs are Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) in the USA, PFLAG Canada, FFLAG (Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) in Great Britain, AGEDO (Associazione genitori, parenti e amici di omosessuali) in Italy, BEFAH (Bundesverband der Eltern, Freunde und Angehörige von Homosexuellen) in Germany, AMPGIL in Spain, and many others. In the post-soviet countries its institutionalization only begins. For example, organisations of parents of homosexual children exist in Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova. Obviously, the movement of parents of LGBT children faces similar challenges as the international one, necessitating its careful examination. The empirical basis of this article includes semi-structured interviews with seven mothers of gays and lesbians from different cities of Ukraine, who belong to NGO “Tergo”. During the field research period (February-March 2015) there were any male members in this NGO. Based on the review of previous studies and their own research, the authors have identified the factors of involvement of parents of homosexual children into the LGBT movement in Ukraine. It is necessary to distinguish two types of factors: factors related to satisfaction of their own needs and factors related to helping others. The first category includes the need for support and assistance and the need for knowledge; the second focuses on the support and the desire to protect their children, the need to provide assistance and support to other children, support of other parents, and the need to express opinions and needs of the LGBT community.
батьки ЛГБТ-дітей, ЛГБТ-рух, ЛГБТ-активізм, чинники залучення до активізму, parents of LGBT children, the LGBT movement, LGBT activism, factors of involvement in activism, стаття
Марценюк Тамара Олегівна. Чинники залучення батьків гомосексуальних дітей до ЛГБТ-руху в Україні / Марценюк Т. О., Колеснік В. С. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Соціологічні науки. - 2016. - Т. 187. - С. 67-75.