Репрезентація лексики економічної сфери у "Словнику української мови" в 11 томах

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Ренчка, Інна
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У статті розглянуто особливості впливу тоталітарної ідеології Радянського Союзу на тлумачення номінативних одиниць економічної сфери у "Словнику української мови" в 11 томах (1970–1980). Виявлено лексикографічні прийоми ідеологізації лексем цієї тематичної групи, що полягала в набутті їхньою семантикою оцінного забарвлення в радянському ідеологічному узусі. Встановлено, що семантичні трансформації слів, зміна їхнього аксіологічного статусу були засобами мовного маніпулювання масовою свідомістю.
Background. The lexicographic practice of the Soviet period was influenced by the society dominant communist ideology. In the first turn, this was manifested in the semantic transformations of words, namely in acquiring positive or negative connotations by the semantics of lexemes due to their existence in the Soviet ideological area. In the Dictionary of the Ukrainian language in 11 volumes (1970–1980), the nominative units in various thematic groups of vocabulary have experienced the ideologization, including the tokens of the economic sphere. Purpose. The purpose of the paper is to clarify the peculiarities of the interpretation of the economic vocabulary in the Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language in 11 volumes, to disclose the influence of the Soviet ideological guidelines on the formation of dictionary definitions. Methods. The research used the following methods: descriptive – to identify ideologized lexical units in the dictionary and the determine the ways of their interpretation, and component analysis method – to study the semantic structure of lexemes. These methods are used involving the technologies of the classification and systematization of lexical material. Results. Economic benchmarks and dogmas of the Soviet era, in particular, the opposition of the Soviet economic model of society to the world financial and economic system, have affected the lexicographic processing of the nominative units of economic sphere. The study of semantic content and the structure of dictionary items made it possible to identify the lexicographic techniques of ideologizing the lexemes of this thematic group, namely the use of evaluative attributive phrases and evaluative-expressive components in the definitions, quoting sources authoritative in Soviet society, which are characterized by a distinct appreciation from the point of view of the communist ideology, application of the opposition technique and introduction of the interpretation elements containing an indication on the social system related to the nomination. It is found out that the words of the economic sphere changed the axiological status within the dictionary item, which led to the ideological ambiguity of the word. Discussion. It is proved that the words of the economic sphere became the object of ideological influence in the Soviet era. The prospects for further research are the implementation of the comparative analysis of the definitions of economic sphere vocabulary in the explanatory dictionaries of the Ukrainian language of the Soviet and post-Soviet periods.
економічна лексика, ідеологізація, словникова стаття, семантика, позитивна конотація, негативна конотація, стаття, economic vocabulary, ideologization, vocabulary item, semantics, positive connotation, negative connotation
Ренчка І. Є. Репрезентація лексики економічної сфери у "Словнику української мови" в 11 томах / Інна Ренчка // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Мовознавство. - 2018. - Т. 1. - С. 63-68.