Ультрафільтраційна очистка води від барвників на біокаталітичних мембранах

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Коновалова, Вікторія
Брик, Михайло
Нігматуллін, P.
Гвоздях, П.
Уділова, О.
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A possibility to prepare the biofunctional membranes showing the biocatalytic properties and use those in post-treatment of wastewater containing synthetic dyes have been established. Selected Pseudomonasmendocina and Bacillussubtíliscultures were used as biocatalysts for dye destruction. It has been established that cells in spore form are able to survive in N-methylpirrolidone that allow to use method of polymer solution casting for membrane preparation. The optimal conditions for an entrapping of whole cells of microorganisms into the polymer matrix have been determined. Membrane biocatalytic activity has been studied depending on method of casting solution preparation, biocatalyst loading and operating parameters. Dye destruction occurs both in membrane pores and on membrane surface. Membrane obtained provide discolouring of treated solutions (permeate). The dye concentration in retentate depends on the trans-membrane fluxes. The concentration in retentate do not be observed at relatively low fluxes (up to 20 l/m2* h).
біофункціональні мембрани, біокаталітичні властивості, полімерні ультрафільтраційні мембрани
/ В. В. Коновалова, M. T. Брик, Р. Р. Нігматуллін [та ін.] // Наукові записки НаУКМА. - 2000. - Т. 18: Хімічні науки. - С. 50-55.