Колаборативні методи в електронному навчанні програмування

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Бублик, Володимир
Давиденко, А.
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Стаття містить звіт про важливий напрям діяльності авторів, спрямований на створення та впровадження новітніх засобів розроблення програмних систем в університетські курси програмування на основі використання тісної співпраці учасників програмних проектів у рамках систем електронного навчання.
The article presents a report on the authors’ activities aimed to create and implement the latest software development tools in the university courses of programming through the use of close collaboration of software project participants within the framework of e-learning systems. Cooperation between the student and the teacher is the key to success in each of the educational systems, and the use of electronic methods of training, e. g. e-learning open source system MOODLE, brings it to a new level. But traditional e-learning systems have been oriented at the individual student work. Contra verse the most sophisticated educational software projects assume teamwork which is a standard for industrial software development. From the educational point of view, the most suitable development framework should be a collaborative environment, which provides virtual space for co-operation of all project participants. Such development environments allow many developers to edit the code simultaneously in real time. While traditional development environments emphasize improving the efficiency of each developer’s collaborative development, the environment focuses on improving the efficiency of the development process in the team as a whole. Especially popular is the collaborative development environment, the access to which is provided by the model Software as a Service, since there is no need to configure the development environment on each computer from which the process of software development is conducted. A prototype of collaborative development environment has been created, which includes the following: the code editor with syntax highlighting; support for various programming languages (C, C ++, C #, Java, Lua, Python, Pascal); code compilation; output window for compile and work program; support for multiple cursors (each user has a random colour) for collaborative editing. The collaborative development environment will be a valuable addition to already existing e-learning tools used for education of software developers.
електронна освіта, колаборативні середовища, програмування, групові проекти, e-learning, collaborative environments, programming
Бублик Володимир Васильович. Колаборативні методи в електронному навчанні програмування / Бублик В. В., Давиденко А. М. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Комп'ютерні науки. - 2016. - Т. 190. - С. 41-45.