Функції казкових мотивів у циклі романів Анджея Сапковського "Відьмацька сага"

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Крапивницька, Марта
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У статті розглянуто роль казкових мотивів в окталогії Анджея Сапковського "Відьмацька сага". Увагу авторки статті зосереджено на питаннях деконструкції казкових сюжетів, реміфологізації, ключових відмінностях між казкою і міфом.
The article deals with the role of fairytale motifs in Andrzej Sapkowski’s "The Witcher Saga" octology. The novel is popular in the world and has been translated into several languages, including Ukrainian (however, the present analysis of texts was carried out on the basis of the original editions, and is therefore quoted in the author’s translation). The author of the article focuses her attention on the notion of fairytale deconstruction, and on the transformation and parodying of fairytales, which are focused on the contrast of the total unreliability of a fairytale and the absolute reliability of a myth. This forms the background for remythologization: the valency of mythological characters (vampires, elves) changes; a myth about the birth of the hero develops. The main feature of Sapkowski’s neomythologism is a "duality" of human nature and the finding of human features in demonological creatures. In the octology, the stories of fairy characters and their roles are reinterpreted (most are based on the author’s tales based on Hans Christian Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, Charles Perrault, and Polish legends). Numerous references to the original fairytales pose the question: do events occur in the future or in the past regarding the reality of the reader? "The Witcher Saga" shows us a key difference between fairy tales and myth, as well as their successive deconstruction and the construction of Gerald as a mythical hero (which correlates with the "myth about the birth of the hero" described by Otto Rank). Thus, myth is verified and the reality of a text is remythologizated.
Анджей Сапковський, казка, міф, реміфологізація, стаття, Andrzej Sapkowski, tale, myth, remythologization, article
Крапивницька М. М. Функції казкових мотивів у циклі романів Анджея Сапковського "Відьмацька сага" / Марта Крапивницька // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Літературознавство. - 2019. - Т. 2. - С. 109-112.