Policy of NGO's involvement in public health in Ukraine: problems and solutions

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Kuvshynova, Evgeniya
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Національний університет "Києво-Могилянська академія"
The research is devoted to the study of the policy of NGOs involvement in public health in Ukraine. Public health is a component of the national security of any state. A nation can only be strong and successful with a population that is physically, psychologically and emotionally healthy. The role of civil society in the development of the public health system cannot be overestimated. Nongovernmental organizations in Ukraine have been able to demonstrate their readiness to quickly reformat their activities, relocate, and continue providing services to support vulnerable groups in extremely challenging times. The research proves the steadfastness of Ukraine's course towards European integration and describes the main legislative changes and achievements that have taken place in the health care system over the past two years, despite the change in government priorities due to the outbreak of a full-scale war. The author proves the important role of NGOs in the development of the public health system of Ukraine and describes successful cases of NGOs involvement in the provision of public health services. Taking into account the new challenges caused by the war and changes in state priorities, the main problems and directions for their solution are identified, in particular, attention is paid to strengthening the coordination and involvement of NGOs in the provision of services to the population, increasing financial support for NGOs, improving the ability to respond to challenges and manage risks.
Non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, public health, public health system, health care, section of the monograph
Kuvshynova E. Policy of NGO's involvement in public health in Ukraine: problems and solutions / Evgeniya Kuvshynova // Public policy, governance and communications in the EU member states and candidate countries : post-conference monograph / [V. Burksiene et al. ; gen. ed. by G. Riabtsev and V. Tertychka] ; National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy [et al.]. - Kyiv : NaUKMA, 2023. - С. 157-169.