Crimea’s Annexation in the Light of International Law. A Critique of Russia’s Legal Argumentation

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Merezhko, Oleksandr
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Crimea’s annexation by Russia violated a whole range of the fundamental principles of international law and international treaties guaranteeing Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the inviolability of its borders, and security. By annexing Crimea, Russia also violated the estoppel principle of law and international morality. In light of the principles of contemporary international law, as well as in light of the Russian doctrine of international law, the arguments put forward by Russia’s President Putin, Russian officials, and international lawyers are untenable and in contradiction of the previous Russian doctrine’s approach towards the relationship between the principles of self-determination and territorial integrity.
International law, Crimea’s annexation, aggression, use of force in international law, principles of international law, article
Merezhko O. Crimea's Annexation in the Light of International Law. A Critique of Russia's Legal Argumentation / Oleksandr Merezhko // Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal. - 2016. - No. 2 : Legal and Political Dimensions of Contemporary Conflicts in Europe. - P. 37-89.