Information system assessment of the creditworthiness of an individual

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Nahirna, Alla
Chumachenko, Oleksandra
Pyechkurova, Olena
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Nowadays enterprise information systems of banks provide modules for calculating creditworthiness of the business. Such systems are complex and it is difficult to maintain and develop them. Moreover, it requires the involvement of large teams. In addition, systems are complicated to change and update in accordance with changes in current legislation. From another point of view, demand for consumer loans is high, and creating a separate module for calculating the creditworthiness of an individual is appropriate in case of increasing the adaptability to changes and updates of the system. Calculating the creditworthiness of an individual is relevant not only for the banking system, but also for other spheres such as logistics and marketing. The work describes the created information system for calculating the creditworthiness of an individual, which calculates the class of the borrower based on data from credit history, credit rating, quality characteristics, financial indicators of the person and characteristics of the credit transaction. The use of the Asp.Net Core platform and the Vue.js framework to build a software module that can be used both independently and easily integrated into other corporate systems is demonstrated. In this work the major steps of designing and developing the system are described.
У роботі описано створену інформаційну систему розрахунку кредитоспроможності фізичної особи, яка на основі даних із кредитних історій, кредитного рейтингу, якісних характеристик, фінансових показників особи та характеристик кредитної операції обчислює клас позичальника. Продемонстровано використання платформи Asp.Net Core та фреймворку Vue.js для побудови програмного модуля, що може як застосовуватися самостійно, так і просто інтегруватись в інші корпоративні системи.
information system, ASP.NET Core, Vue.js, creditworthiness, article, інформаційна система, ASP.NET Core, Vue.js, кредитоспроможність
Nahirna A. M. Information system assessment of the creditworthiness of an individual / A. Nahirna, O. Chumachenko, O. Pyechkurova // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Комп'ютерні науки. - 2022. - Т. 5. - С. 45-48. -