Публічна мовна особистість у соціальних мережах : жанрово-функціональний аспект

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Куранова, Світлана
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Статтю присвячено загальній проблемі жанрово-функціональної організації записів публічних мовних особистостей у соціальних мережах Facebook та Twitter. Зокрема, визначено методи та підходи щодо аналізу публічного дискурсу.
Multifaceted research of speech communication as complex object asks for the necessity in using discourse analysis as a contemporary linguistic method. Discourse analysis develops today within the measures of psycho-, socio-, political linguistics, etc. It is also used in the bordering social and humanitarian sciences such as philosophy, history, psychology, literary criticism which in general supports the tendency of integration in the modern research paradigm. The questions of discourse structures and its socio-cultural and ethnolinguistic types, genre characteristics of universal and ethnospecific aspects, and semantic models of the content description remain quite acute. There exist different approaches as to correlation and differentiation of such concepts as “discourse”, “genre”, “register”, as well as to singling out of the corresponding structural elements such as speech acts, speech move, speech event, etc. in the course of discourse analysis. Public discourse is one of the most structuralized in formal, grammatical, content, and sense aspects, and the problem of speech personality functioning in it is one of quite productive realms of discourse linguistics. Within such an approach, the number of genres speaker uses is scrutinized, as well as their structural and semantic characteristics are analyzed. Speech personality is a multi-level functional system which embraces three levels of speech activity (language competence), conversational activity (communicative competence), and the knowledge of the world (thesaurus). This is the unity of abilities of creation and comprehension of speech products (texts) which differ in degrees and complexity of reflection of surrounding and certain purposefulness as well. The article is dedicated to the general problem of functional genre organization of the notes of public figures in Facebook and Twitter social networks. Methods and approaches of the public discourse analysis are defined and developed. In particular, the notes of the Prime Minister of the Great Britain David Cameron whose pages are renewed on an on-going basis, elucidating different aspects of his political activities, are analyzed.
мовна особистість, дискурс, дискурс-аналіз, мовленнєвий жанр, мовленнєва подія, мовленнєвий хід, мовленнєвий акт, семантичні ролі, language personality, discourse, discourse analysis, linguistic genre, speech act
Куранова Світлана Іванівна, Публічна мовна особистість у соціальних мережах : жанрово-функціональний аспект / Куранова С. І. // Магістеріум. - 2016. - Вип. 62 : Мовознавчі студії. - С. 35-44.