Monitoring and forecasting waste generation and emissions of harmful substances

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Horoshkova, Lidiіa
Khlobystov, Yevgen
Menshov, O.
Vasylchuk, H.
Trysnyuk, Vasyl
Filipishyna, Liliya
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The study objective was to determine sustainable development conditions according to the criteria of emissions of harmful substances and waste generation when modelling impact factors of the parameters and general environmental situation in Ukraine. It has been proved that the EKC model should be used not only to model parameters of emissions of harmful substances, but also for waste generation. Besides, it has been proved that it is necessary to take into account not only national level indicators, but also the contribution of the leading sectors driving national economy. Modelling has been carried out for the following industries: processing; mining and quarry development; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; supply of electricity, gas, steam and conditioned air; transport, warehousing, post and courier services. The models are based on correlation between GDP, average nominal income per capita, environmental costs, waste generation and emissions of harmful substances at the national level and by its leading industries. It has been determined that reaching the "turning point" on sectoral EKCs correlates waste generation and emissions with industry`s rate of remuneration, value added (sectoral GDP) and sectoral investment in environmental protection in the context of industry`s specifics.
emissions of harmful substances, waste generation, environmental costs, environmental protection, generation, conference materials
Monitoring and forecasting waste generation and emissions of harmful substances / L. Horoshkova, Ie. Khlobystov, O. Menshov, H. Vasylchuk, V. Trysnyuk, L. Filipishyna // XV International Scientific Conference "Monitoring of Geological Processes and Ecological Condition of the Environment", 17-19 November 2021, Kyiv, Ukraine / Institute of Geology Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. - Kyiv, 2021. - [5] P.