Актуалізація семантики персональності в поезії Василя Симоненка

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Ясакова, Наталія
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У статті висвітлено роль семантики персональності у вираженні ідейно-художнього змісту поетичних творів Василя Симоненка. Встановлено її участь у творенні комунікативної та змістової цілісності поезій, багатьом з яких властива певна персональна тональність або виразна домінанта. Динаміка персональності тісно пов’язана з архітектонікою ліричного тексту. Зміна особових значень нерідко слугує засобом структурування поезії, акцентування важливої думки, розгортання сюжету тощо.
Background. In view of the communicative nature of the studied text, the categories of personality – which determines the correlation between the participants of any communication act and the participants of the described situation – is important for its appropriate interpretation. In poetry, the opposition of persons is of top priority; it is characterized with multidirectionality and modifications, which are essential for perception of the content. Purpose. Identification of the role played by semantics of personality in expression of the artistic idea of the poetry by Vasyl Symonenko. Methods. Semantical and stylistic analysis of the poetry was used as a method of the research. Results. Numerous poems by V. Symonenko feature the same personal tonality or emphatic personal keynote. For example, personal tonality of the second person is typical for message poetry. Some patriotic poems were composed as a dialogue, which is the unique feature of V. Symonenko’s style. In the texts with the tonality of the first person, ‘I-subject’ is not static, as it splits, moves to the past or transforms, correlating with the predicate untypical for the first person. In the poems with the tonality of the third person, the lyrical subject neither manifests his presence directly via the finite forms nor engages in a dialogue with a reader, lyrical addressee or a character. Realization of the personal meaning in the pieces of poetry by V. Symonenko is often related to the text composition, and correlation of the grammatical meanings of a person contributes to creation of the poetry content. Discussion. Active involvement of grammatical semantics of personality into formation of the artistic structure of poetry is typical for the works by V. Symonenko. Personality contributes to communicative and semantic integrity of the poetries, and changes in personal meanings are closely connected with the architectonics of a lyrical text. Functioning of personality grammemes requires thorough study in the poetical texts of various periods, literature directions, in accordance with the topical groups and genres of lyrics.
стилістика, семантика персональності, займенникові слова, поетичний текст, Василь Симоненко, стаття, stylistics, semantics of personality, pronoun words, poetic text, Vasyl Symonenko
Ясакова Н. Ю. Актуалізація семантики персональності в поезії Василя Симоненка / Наталія Ясакова // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Мовознавство. - 2018. - Т. 1. - С. 35-40.