Ukrainian Students in Spain after World War II

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Pronkevych, Oleksandr
Shestopal, Olga
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The paper analyzes a book written by Volodymyr Yarymovych, Oleksandr Bilyk, and Mykola Volynskyi, entitled Narys istorii ukrainskoi studentskoi hromady ta Ukrainskykh poselen v Espanii 1946-1996 (An Overview of the History of the Ukrainian Student Community and Ukrainian Settlements in Spain, 1946-1996), which tells about the Ukrainian students who arrived in Madrid in 1946 and formed part of the early Ukrainian Diaspora in Spain. The book proves to be an important source of information, previously unknown to scholars, which describes the dramatic and controversial process of constructing Ukrainian identity in the aftermath of World War II. The authors of the study consider the historical and cultural context of the Ukrainian emigration in the second half of the 20th century, its connection with Francoist ideology, and its integral role in the Spanish-Ukrainian cultural dialogue.
political emigrants, combatants, Cold War, Francoism, Ukraine as European Orient, Ukrainian identity, article
Pronkevych O. Ukrainian Students in Spain after World War II / Oleksandr Pronkevych, Olga Shestopal // Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal. - 2018. - No. 5 : Cross-Cultural Connections and Displacement in Ukraine and Beyond. - P. 117-132.