Наратив у мові науки

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Шелковнікова, З.
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Статтю присвячено науковому дискурсу у парадигмі наративного підходу. Зокрема, виявлено науковий наратив, проаналізовано його характеристики і особливості з точки зору перлокутивного акту переконання.
The article is dedicated to the scientific discourse in the aspect of the narrative approach. Our objective was to investigate and analyze the specific traits of the research narrative in light of the act of persuasion. We have also compared the research narrative with the literary narrative and outlined the main differences. It has been reveled that the difference between the research narrative and the literary narrative is in the level of harmonization. Harmonization for the scientific discourse is the reality representation. Conversely harmonization for the literary narrative is the description of the fictional probable world. Non-narrative discourse shows the strategy of the quantitative information receiving, while narrative discourse reveals the strategy of the qualitative information receiving. On condition that the qualitative information is overbalanced in the scientific discourse, we deal with research narratives. While scientific discourse expects the audience competence of the subject, due to the research narrative the level of the competence may be decreased providing the descriptive tools. Research narratives help to describe complex aspects more accurately and accessibly. Narrative discourse also provides the event status for the facts. Facts are the required constituent for the scientific discourse, and in case the facts are given the event status we deal with the research narrative. Narration is the special way of life understanding, namely creative opposed to logical. Thus, it could be concluded that, the research narrative is the intentional, sequential, coherent, event discourse, which contains logical creativity and in some cases the intrigue, as well as it provides mainly the qualitative information (compared with the quantitative facts) in order to gain maximum understanding of the scientific proceedings.
scientific discourse, non-narrative, research narrative, literary narrative, науковий дискурс, наратив, анаратив, науковий наратив, художній наратив
Шелковнікова, З. Б. Наратив у мові науки / Шелковнікова З. Б. // Мова: класичне - модерне - постмодерне: збірник наукових праць. - 2016. - Вип. 2. - С. 400-407.