Запровадження механізму застосування "духу" права в нових процесуальних кодексах

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Уласевич, Анастасія
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У цій науковій статті буде проаналізовано, чи можна розглядати завдання судочинства як складову "духу" права, а також чи можна вважати новелу процесуальних кодексів, що суд та учасники судового процесу зобов'язані керуватися завданням судочинства, яке превалює над будь-якими іншими міркуваннями в судовому процесі, механізмом звернення до "духу" права.
This scientific article is dedicated to finding out whether the task of the justice could be considered as a component of the “spirit” of law and whether the novel of procedural codes is possible to be considered as a mechanism of appeal to the “spirit” of law, due to the idea that the court and the participants of the trial must be guided by the tasks of the justice, and this tack prevails over any other issues in the trial. After analyzing scientist researches and practices of European court of justice, the conclusions are as follows. First, the opportunity to apply such tasks of justice as fair, impartial, and timely; consideration of the case and its solution for the effective protection of rights and opportunity to use these tasks in a prevailing position over other considerations appeal to the “spirit” of law. Second, norms to use tasks of justice in a prevailing position are entirely an appeal to justice, the establishment of truth, the application of the rule of law, and the spirit of law. Third, this norm is an attempt of the legislator to introduce a mechanism of applying the “spirit” of law. After analyzing the exceptions of norms to use tasks of justice in a prevailing position in different proceed cods of Ukraine, we have the following conclusions. Exceptions of this norm in Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and in Code of Administrative Proceedings of Ukraine are a temporarily precautionary measure in connection with the specifics of regulation of these branches of law and the probable risks of using the “spirit” of law in countries with young democracy and high level of corruption. Taking into consideration the absence of experience in Ukraine in the application of the “spirit” of law, it is logical to temporarily postpone the application of norms that place tasks beyond other considerations in order to avoid abuses that could lead to violations of human rights. As a general conclusion – appeal to the “spirit” of law in time when the level of corruption in Ukraine is high enough should be very careful so as not to turn into arbitrariness.
"дух" права, завдання судочинства, верховенство права, стаття, "spirit" of law, task of justice, rule of law
Уласевич А. С. Запровадження механізму застосування "духу" права в нових процесуальних кодексах / Уласевич А. С. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Юридичні науки. - 2018. - Т. 2. - С. 49-54.