The Use of Seneca's Texts in Antonii Radyvylovskyi's Sermons

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Spivak, Volodymyr
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In this paper, through the example of Antonii Radyvylovskyi’s work, I examine the impact of Seneca’s texts on the philosophical component of Ukrainian church sermons from the Baroque period. The objective of this study is to investigate Radyvylovskyi’s use of Seneca’s texts in his own writing. The result should help better understand the ideological influence of ancient philosophy on the formation of the national philosophical tradition of the Baroque epoch. The contents of ideological borrowings from Seneca’s texts and the mechanisms of their use are traced. A list of Seneca’s texts from which Radyvylovskyi quotes is provided. It is also shown that Radyvylovskyi uses Seneca’s authority in his moral teachings and philosophical thinking about the characteristics of human nature. We conclude by commenting on Radyvylovskyi’s creative use of Seneca’s ideas and the significant philosophical component of his written legacy.
the history of philosophy, Ukrainian philosophy, Antonii Radyvylovskyi, ancient philosophy, the Baroque, sermon, Seneca, article
Spivak V. The Use of Seneca's Texts in Antonii Radyvylovskyi's Sermons / Volodymyr Spivak // Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal. - 2018. - No. 5 : Cross-Cultural Connections and Displacement in Ukraine and Beyond. - P. 161-170.