Заголовок як конструктивний елемент сонетного тексту

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Мойсієнко, Анатолій
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У статті на матеріалі українських сонетних текстів проаналізовано структурно-граматичні і змістові характеристики заголовків, їхню семантико-функціональну роль у цілісній організації поетичного твору.
Background. The title of the literary text arises in front of a researcher in two capacities. First – as one of the elements of metatext level, immediately aimed at the close interrelation with the main text, and second – as a separate text structure with its own grammar and semantic structure. The analysis of the title in the interrelation with the main text, taking into consideration genre specifics of the latest, is of immediate interest. Purpose. The target of this study is to describe the title text in the Ukrainian sonnet poem, in particular in the correlation with the integral text structure, which is caused by the absence of any specific research of this problem. Methods. Research approach of the title text as a separate unit and as a constructive element of the wider text structure relies on the basics of classification description, contextual and hermeneutic analysis in the system of literary text. Results. The title of the sonnet poem, generally not falling out of the paradigm of the paratextual formations, on the functional level is characterized by certain particularities compared to other lyric and epic genres – where it can serve, for instance, as a genre self-name of the poem. On the structure level the sonnet marker can start or finish the composite word, serve as an attribute noun in the attributive word combination, play a role of the key word with the dependent substantive etc. The title (together with subtitle or without it) is able to attribute thematic and semantic lines in the poem, some structure and genre changes. Conclusion. The title of the sonnet text, being a paratext element, accomplishes an important prospect and retrospect function for comprehension of the integral structure of the literary text; can serve as genre self-name of the poem, involving at the same time different thematic layers of narration; can also point at some structure and genre modifications of the classic sonnet, and some shifts to other traditional genres.
заголовок, текст, сонетний жанр, структура, семантика, стаття, the title, text, sonnet genre, structure, semantics
Мойсієнко А. К. Заголовок як конструктивний елемент сонетного тексту / Анатолій Мойсієнко // Мова: класичне - модерне - постмодерне. - 2021. - Вип. 7. - С. 22-34.