The Logic of Imperial Rule

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Shcherbak, Vitalii
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The process of the liquidation of the Hetmanate lasted for decades because of its scale and the constant need of Russia in the Cossack Army. Empress Elizabeth’s regime continued the centralizing policies introduced by Tsar Peter I. In anticipation of the possible consequences of this centralization, in the early 1860s Hetman Kyrylo Rozumovskyi tried to strengthen local governance by reforming his administrative system and judiciary, outlining the justification of his measures in an appeal to Empress Catherine II, entitled "Petition of the Little Russian Nobility and Officers, Together with the Hetman Concerning the Restoration of Various Old Rights of Little Russia." At the same time, Catherine II’s State Secretary, Grigorii Teplov expressed opposite views to the positions expounded in the "Petition", in his so-called "Notes on Violations in Little Russia". The main theses of Teplov’s memorandum were used by the Empress in secret guidelines issued to Petr Rumiantsev in his position as the President of the Second Little Russian Collegium. The reasoning of the above-mentioned documents formed the basis for Rumiantsev for the liquidation of the Ukrainian state.
Hetmanate, Kyrylo Rozumovskyi, Russian Empire, Second Little Russian Collegium, Petr Rumiantsev, article
Shcherbak V. The Logic of Imperial Rule [electronic resource] / Vitalii Shcherbak // Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal. - 2019. - Issue 6. - P. 127-136. -