Особливості формування політичної культури особистості в умовах трансформації суспільства на прикладі України

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Новікова, Наталія
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У статті зроблено спробу визначити особливості та проблеми формування політичної культури особистості в умовах трансформації суспільств на прикладі України.
In the conditions of post-communist transformations, while the process of formation of a new political system is taking place in Ukraine, any copying of even the most developed democratic models of political institutions cannot be useful unless it is supported by a renewed political culture. That is why we should take into account that one of the necessary conditions of democratic transformations, alterations in political and social and economic spheres of society is a systemic change in the political culture of an individual and the society in general. Nowadays Ukraine is on the stage of social transformation, and its citizens’ political activity depends on how the state cooperates with them. It is necessary to create an organic system capable of ensuring the effective development of the state, society, and the individual in all spheres of social life. Such a system, in our opinion, should be a civil society, the creation of which is one of the principal tasks of the Ukrainian state. The main task of civil society institutions is to form the political culture of the individuals and their legal awareness. A conscious citizen becomes an active participant of the political process; he/she knows his/her rights, defends them, and has a value system and his/her own active civil stance. An active civil stance is an organic element of a modern democratic society, guaranteeing its high political consciousness and culture. The formation of Ukraine’s adequate political culture in terms of the civil society assumes the renovation of the political ideology by way of formation of a modern concept of the rule-of-law state. It is necessary to revive in people’s minds the political and social and moral values of the ideas of liberty, patriotism, and justice. This involves restructuring the political system; introduction of radical changes in the ways of the political activity; ensuring its high professionalism, humanism, and democracy; formation of the culture of political and international communication.
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Новікова Наталія Євгеніївна. Особливості формування політичної культури особистості в умовах трансформації суспільства на прикладі України / Новікова Н. Є. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Політичні науки. - 2016. - Т. 186. - С. 67-71.