New Civic Activism in Ukraine: Building Society from Scratch?

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Worschech, Susann
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Since Euromaidan, civil society in Ukraine faces new challenges and a new role in society. Volunteer work, donations and civic activism have increased vis-à-vis the humanitarian crisis and the war in Eastern Ukraine in an unprecedented dimension. Civil society’s takeover of state responsibilities depicts the compensation of state failure. But it is questionable whether the post-Euromaidan civil society contributes to Ukraine’s democratization process. Based on two case studies, in this article I examine new issues civil society in Ukraine deals with, what forms the basis of a new quality of civic activism and participation. Further, I describe structures, activities and interrelations of this new Ukrainian volunteer movement, with the aim to discuss its ambivalent role in fragile democratization.
civil society, democratization, volunteer movement, Euromaidan, Ukraine, trust networks, article
Worschech S. New Civic Activism in Ukraine: Building Society from Scratch? / Susann Worschech // Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal. - 2017. - No. 3 : Special Issue: Civil Society in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine. - P. 23-45.