Multinational Companies in Ukraine and University Alumni Networks

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Kostiuchenko, Tetiana
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The paper presents the results of the pilot empirical study of the network structures formed between subsidiaries of multinational companies (MNCs) and Ukrainian universities. Main research questions are as follows: what is the network between MNCs and universities through graduates who possess various employments in MNCs after graduation like; what subgroups/clusters can be defined within interorganizational network; what are the potential paths (accessing actors) for the information transfer and innovations diffusion from the universities to the MNCs and vice versa; what actors and ties are the most central for enhancing cooperation within the network. The pilot sample included graduates of various disciplines (humanities, social sciences, finance, engineering & computer sciences, and natural sciences) who got diploma within the last 10 years in TOP-7 of Ukrainian universities located in different regions. The crucial characteristics of graduates was current employment or experience of employment in the MNCs. Network affiliation data was collected through online questionnaires, from the CVs of graduates as well as several half-structured interviews with them. The analysis was performed for the 2-mode network first (with regard to the basic network measures) and then – for the interorganizational 1-mode network.
interorganizational network, multinational companies, university graduates
Kostiuchenko T. Multinational Companies in Ukraine and University Alumni Networks / T. Kostiuchenko. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. - 2011. - Т. 122 : Соціологічні науки. - С. 47-57.