The Importance of Computer Training Equipment

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Didmanidze, Ibraim
Didmanidze, Didari
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The paper deals with such an approach to the development of the computer training equipment which enables a university professor who teaches any subject to act in the role of a constructor and,if necessary, to change the already existing training model according to his/her own view without any specific computer programming knowledge. This work shows that the training model should be able to visualize the work of the manufacturing process or technical equipment in an interactive mode and dynamics; to reflect the changes of the ongoing process physical values on an object; to build appropriate diagrams, etc. During the training, a student (a teacher) should be able to switch the initial conditions and parameters of the process course to observe the changes occurring in the object behavior, and to make a rational decision for analysis and management. First of all, we have to note that the student’s learning quality, his/her constant readiness to work properly with the technical equipment and to effectively manage the technological process can be reached through problem-based learning with the help of dynamic training equipment. The situation in a computer training equipment market does not correspond to the current demands. Basically there is a multitude of testing, electronic networks switches, and such technical training equipment which has nothing to do with the dynamic technological processes and represents the static models. As for computer training equipment studying current technological processes of the technical objects, they appear in an insignificant form.
training equipment, computer training equipment, dynamic training equipment, training model, навчальне обладнання, комп’ютерні тренажери, динамічне навчальне обладнання, модель навчання
Didmanidze I. The Importance of Computer Training Equipment / I. Didmanidze, D. Didmanidze // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Комп'ютерні науки. - 2016. - Т. 190. - С. 57-59.