Digitalized Branded Speaking Subject or New Media Consumption Culture Politics to Change Communication

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Larchenko, V.
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Статтю присвячено суб’єктові-мовцю, що є продуктом владних політик нових медіа в межах зміни постмодерної комунікації у її електронної та брендової складових. Цей суб’єкт водночас виступає споживачем та співстворювачем електронного продукту, тобто просюмером.
The paper is dedicated to the digitalized branded speaking subject who is the product of powerful new media politics within the frameworks of postmod299 ern communication change in its digital and brand constituents. This subject is simultaneously a consumer and a co-creator of a digital product, i. e. a prosumer. The following tasks are realized in the paper: 1) to show that the postmodern speaking subject has gained a new status in the postmodern communication space — digitalized branded; 2) to prove that this status is acquired with the help of new media; 3) to analyze the digitalized branded speaking subject as whether the new status is an advancement of his/her identity or submission to new media powerful politics, so it is the latter to give false feeling of free, true and everywhere-presence communication via social networking for the postmodern digitalized speaking subject. The research core terms «new media» and «the digitalized branded speaking subject» are defined by the author as «a new type of communication for the speaking subject in the digital era incorporated within new technologies’ and «the e-communication subject under brand power politics influence» respectively. Nike Company is taken as an example of the digitalized-branded-subject-of-new-media-consumption-politics emergence by analyzing Nike Company website trough e-communication between the company and its customer from registration, finding the company in social networks, buying Nike goods online with the possible comment giving and evaluation to becoming a company member by creating a free Nike+ account that gives belonging to the brand and this brand loyalty and also Nike tips-advice-and-recommendation expert live chat with non-English-speaking subject exclusion politics. Nevertheless, the speaking subject is the company product prosumer, though he/she is still under new media powerful politics as it is the company that offers the very e-communication to the speaking subject. Keywords: digitalized branded speaking subject, powerful politics,
суб’єкт-мовець, дигіталізований та брендизований суб’єкт, владні політики, нові медіа, просюмер, е-комунікація, digitalized branded speaking subject, powerful politics, new media, prosumer, e-communication
Larchenko, V. Digitalized Branded Speaking Subject or New Media Consumption Culture Politics to Change Communication / Larchenko V. // Мова : класичне - модерне - постмодерне : збірник наукових праць. - 2016. - Вип. 2. - С. 289-299.