Структурно-словотвірні особливості мікротопонімів Донеччини

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Сегін, Любомир
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У статті проаналізовано структурно-словотвірні особливості простих, двослівних, прийменникових та багатокомпонентних мікротопонімів Донеччини. З’ясовано, що прості оніми зазвичай утворені лексико-семантичним способом. Мікротопоніми, утворені морфологічним способом, представлені переважно суфіксальними дериватами. Серед складених двослівних конструкцій найбільше виявлено двочленних найменувань, атрибутом у яких найчастіше є прикметник.
Problem statement. Despite the fact that microtoponyms belong to the most numerous class of onyms, so far such names of Donetsk region have been studied sporadically and superficially. It is important to identify and record such onyms, so as not to lose forever. The purpose of the article is to analyze the structural and word-forming organization of microtoponyms of Donetsk region. Research methods. The method of research of structural and word-forming features of microtoponyms is based on the questionnaires and interviews (for collecting microtoponymic material) and methods: descriptive (for inventory, classification and interpretation of microtoponyms), structural (for describing structural features of simple, complex and compound onyms), quantitative analysis (to establish the performance of structural types, word-forming methods and manners). The main results of the study. The simple, complex and compound names are revealed based on the analysis of the structural and word-forming organization of microtoponymy of Donetsk region. Simple names of small geographical objects are formed by lexical-semantic, morphological, basic, morphological-syntactic and lexical-syntactic methods. The most productive is the lexical-semantic way of creating microtoponyms. Among the suffix derivatives, names with productive forms -ivk- (-ovk-, -evk-), -k- were found. In the microtoponymy of Donetsk region a large number of compound names is recorded, among which we single out two-word, prepositional constructions, multicomponent microtoponyms and predicative constructions. Conclusions and prospects. The results of the study show that the microtoponymy of Donetsk region is diverse in terms of structure and methods and means of forming. We see the prospect of exploration in: 1) collecting the names of micro-objects of other settlements in the Donetsk region; 2) to investigate the structural and word-forming features of microtoponyms of other cities / villages of Donetsk region; 2) to analyze the lexical and semantic features of such names of the named region.
мікротопонім, прості оніми, складні оніми, складені оніми, прийменникові сполуки, модель, іменник, прикметник, стаття, microtoponym, simple onyms, complex onyms, compound onyms, prepositional combinations
Сегін Л. В. Структурно-словотвірні особливості мікротопонімів Донеччини / Любомир Сегін // Мова: класичне - модерне - постмодерне. - 2021. - Вип. 7. - С. 143-162.