Another Otherness or Intersectionalism: Anarchafeminists’ Experience

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Gąsiorowska, Halina
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My paper discusses the questions of intersectionality on the basis of anarchafeminists’ experiences in Poland. Anarchafeminist ideas as located at the junction of feminism and anarchism hardly ever satisfy those who have chosen one of the ideologies. In Polish society feminists and anarchists are usually constructed as Others. Anarchafeminists combine the ideas of both the groups and consequentially, become aliens not only in society, but also inside feminist and anarchist movements. Addressing various forms of oppression, anarchafeminism seems to be a form of intersectionalism, which some anarchists and feminists may regard as a dissolution of their movement goals. Historically, anarchists used to claim universalism and accused feminists of particularism, as well as reductionism. Feminists, on the other hand, often regard anarchafemnists as unrealistic.
intersectionality, anarcho-feminists, Poland, conference abstracts
Gąsiorowska H. Another Otherness or Intersectionalism: Anarchafeminists’ Experience / Gąsiorowska Halina // Досвід та його інтерпретації : тези дев'ятої студентсько-аспірантської міждисциплінарної конференції "Філософія: нове покоління" / упоряд.: Саковська А. Ю., Богачов М. А. ; Нац. ун-т "Києво-Могилянська акад.". - Київ : НаУКМА, 2014. - С. 69-71.