Мовні колізії глобалізованого світу в сучасній авіаційній галузі

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Ожоган, Андрій
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У статті з’ясовано основні особливості новітньої доби, окреслено прикметні ознаки сучасних глобалізаційних процесів, визначено роль англійської мови як засобу глобальної комунікації, проаналізовано головні мовні суперечності глобалізованого світу в сучасній авіаційній галузі.
The article defines total globalisation as a new era in the human history which can be interpreted as a radical transformation of fundamental values and geopolitical structure of modern society. It is found out that the creation of a common world economic, scientific and information space, the rapid growth of international contacts worldwide have been very favorable for the formation of a global society, global culture and global language. The article outlines the role of transport, in particular the role of aviation in the spread of the English language and the establishment of its sole domination in the world. It has been noted that there has been an extreme contradiction between homogenization and standardization caused by globalization and the natural desire to preserve the unique linguistic diversity caused by deepening of international integration, transnationalization of economic cooperation between countries. Having characterised the linguistic situation in the modern aviation industry the emphasis is placed upon the basic linguistic conflict of the modern era, in particular the rapid acquisition of English the status of an international lingua franca, which promotes the development of international communications and at the same time – the rapid superseding of other languages out of the important areas of human activity. As a result a rich and diverse global cultural space can become a monotonous, globalization scorched desert. The author determines the conflict between classic English language and so-called simplified English emphasizing that various attempts to put the living language in the strict limits of universal standard formula not only help to avoid certain linguistic misunderstandings in different situations, but also can cause speech degradation. Moreover the author predicts the danger of linguistic unification and standardization for both spiritual and intellectual development of an individual and the whole world community. It has been concluded that holding fair and balanced language policy, based on fundamental principles of complementarity and multilinguism will contribute to solving the aforementioned contradictions.
глобальна комунікація, глобальна мова, мовні суперечності, мовна стандартизація в авіаційній галузі, спрощена англійська, global communication, global language, language contradictions, standardization in aviation, simplified English
Ожоган Андрій Васильович. Мовні колізії глобалізованого світу в сучасній авіаційній галузі / Ожоган А. В. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Філологічні науки : (мовознавство). - 2016. - Т. 189. - С. 72-75.