Середньовічна кераміка України та її дослідження М. П. Кучерою

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Томашевський, Андрій
Борисов, Артем
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Статтю присвячено дослідженню поглядів М. П. Кучери на хронологію та розвиток керамічного комплексу давньоруського часу. Прослідковано становлення уявлень дослідника про еволюцію форм керамічних посудин. Здійснено реконструкцію цілісної хронологічної схеми давньоруської кераміки на основі робіт архівної та публікаційної спадщини науковця.
One of the main task in the routine work of an archaeologist- medievalist is the issue of chronology. Fragments of the pottery are most common material at the sites of the 10th—13th centuries. We are still in the process of clarifying of the dating of individual ceramic groups. Mykhailo Kuchera was one of the most authoritative researchers of medieval ceramics of the second half of the 20th century. The review of his publications indicates the use of a clear dating system. The stages of formation of the researcher perceptions of the chronology of ceramics of the 10th—13th centuries are examined in the paper. The source base, which became the basis for the researcher’s chronology of ceramics, was identified. Starting with the Ph. D. thesis, completed in 1956 and presented in 1960, the researcher constantly paid attention to the description and characteristics of ceramics from archaeological sites. Just during the work on the description of the ceramic complex of old Plisnesk the researcher developed the clear scheme of description of ceramics. He processed a huge array of material. The third of the Ph. D. thesis is devoted to the characteristics of the ceramic complex of the site. The work put the foundation for understanding the chronology and typology of ceramics of the 10th—13th centuries. The reconstruction of chronological scheme of the development of ceramics of the 10th—13th centuries became the important part of the paper. Such a graphic and textual reconstruction was carried out on the basis of the researcher’s works and is the result of his longtime work and experience. The proposed scheme should become a starting point for the further development of a detailed chronology. Further work should develop in the direction of improving this scheme concerning the study of regional features and chronological detailing. Further research should continue the line of detailed study the technical and technological characteristics of ancient ceramics. Further development of the subject is impossible without the use of modern technical methods of archaeometry.
кераміка, середньовіччя, хронологія, історія науки, стаття, ceramics, Middle Ages, chronology, history of science
Томашевський А. П. Середньовічна кераміка України та її дослідження М. П. Кучерою / А. П. Томашевський, А. В. Борисов // Археологія і давня історія України. - 2022. - Вип. 3 (44). - C. 39-59. - https://doi.org/10.37445/adiu.2022.03.02