Моноговірковий тезаурус – нова лінгвографічна технологія дескрибування мовної системи

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Громко, Тетяна
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У статті розглянуто методологію укладання моноговіркового тезауруса як новітньої, запропонованої авторкою лінгвографічної технології дескрибування лінгварію говірки. Експлікація лінгварію говірки в тезаурусі становить звід усіх одиниць усного мовлення за корпусом текстів. Тезаурус говірки кваліфіковано і сегментом мовленнєвої лексикографії, і фрагментом дескриптивної лінгвографії говірки. Визначено основну функцію моноговіркового тезауруса – лексикографування лінгварію говірки, а також розглянуто його специфіку як наукового мовознавчого джерела.
Background. The modern linguographic description of idiom is characterized by the peculiarities of verbalization, which is methodologically justified by compiling a thesaurus of its lingual. The lexicographic staffing of dialect units recorded in oral speech clarifies views on lexical, phraseological and other language units as an object of lexicographic description, improves the reproduction of their communicative qualification, clarifies the grammatical aspect of reflecting the contexts of speech on the basis of scientific-pragmatic action. Contribution to the field of research. This study raises the possibility that the completeness of describing the lingual of the idiom is ensured by the introduction to the thesaurus of all language and speech units previously recorded in the monolingual corpus of texts. These discoveries can help us to understand the qualification of the thesaurus approach as a complete representation of the lingual of the idiom. This conclusion, although preliminary, indicates that the monolingual thesaurus is a new lexicographic technology for dialectology, which, based on its structure and principles of organization, extrapolates the description of the lingual of the idiom to the modeling of the lexical-grammatical system. This discovery is important for the development of linguographics as a comprehensive description of the language system. These conclusions raise methodological and technological questions about the nature and scope of the linguistic composition of the idiom, i. e. lingual. Purpose. Monoidiomic lingual as a basis for a comprehensive study of the idiom has its own specifics. Dialectological lexicography both maintains its traditions and uses new technologies for creating dictionaries for the latest research, such as a monographic description of a particular idiom (subdialect) as a language system. Methods. The methodology of the thesaurus of idiom with complex parameterization of idiomemic (idiomological) lexicography takes into account the completion of the linguistic system, especially in the part of speech lexicography, actualized in modern linguistics by the theory of language based on usage. The functional purpose of the monoidiomatic lingual as a source of further research into the lingual of the idiom is methodologically important. Results. The monoidiomatic thesaurus is a linguistic publication or an electronic resource that contains words (phrases, phraseological units, paremias, etc.) arranged in alphabetical order (with a display of lexicographic, grammatical, phraseographic and other units), and explains the meaning of the described linguistic and speech units, providing another linguistic information, or provides information about creatures and objects denoted by them (onymographic units), as well as provides contexts of their use in the idiom of a certain language system. This combination of findings lends some support to the conceptual premise that the key to describing linguistic and speech units on the basis of thesaurus is the systematic positioning of the lingual of the idiom, according to the based on use theory of language, which makes it possible to linguistically interpret the material taking into account its using in a live text. Discussion. The monoidiomatic thesaurus as an important aspect of modern linguistics can become the most complete source and indispensable tool of scientific research – from the completeness of lexicon fixation to the monographic description of subdialect as a language system, because it has obvious advantages over the traditional differential lexicographic approach. Being focused on multi-aspect linguistic and non-linguistic studies, the monolingual thesaurus includes the initial inventory of the language data of the lingual for a number of speech and language units, which fully represent the language system of the idiom (subdialect). The perspective of this type of linguistic technology in linguistics lies in its ability to solve a number of problems through empirical evidence.
діалектологія, говірка, ідіом, лінгварій, лінгвографія, тезаурус, мовні одиниці, дескрипція, стаття, dialectology, dialect, idiom, lingual, linguography, thesaurus, language units, description
Громко Т. В. Моноговірковий тезаурус – нова лінгвографічна технологія дескрибування мовної системи / Тетяна Громко (Tetiana Hromko) // Мова: класичне - модерне - постмодерне. - 2022. - Вип. 8. - С. 157-170. -