Пісня Пісень у літературі українського бароко: найбільш поширені образи і мотиви

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Максимчук, Ольга
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Дослідницьке питання: якими є форми репрезентації Пісні Пісень в українській бароковій літературі та чим обґрунтований їхній добір?
Among the texts of the Ukrainian Baroque literature, there is practically no special commentary on the Song of Songs. Meanwhile, almost all the prominent writers in Ukraine of the 17th and 18th centuries present their understanding of the different aspects of this Biblical book. There is a considerable amount of the thematic groups connected with the Song of Songs and elaborated in the Ukrainian Baroque literature; therefore, it is necessary to narrow it to some reasonable number. The topics that have already been investigated are the following: arrival of spring (Cant. 2:11–13), seeking of the missing beloved (Cant. 3:1–4 ; 5:6–8), locus of the enclosed garden (Cant. 4:12), floristic symbolics of the lily and the rose among thorns (Cant. 2:1–2),praise of the beloved (Cant. 4:1–7, 5:10–16, 6:4–10, 7:2–10). The review of the obtained results reveals that Ukrainian Baroque authors: are conscious of the global crisis in the Ukrainian society, expect the positive changes of life in Ukraine in the near future, want to be secured and supported by a wise statesman who could organize Ukrainians into a harmonized and well-ordered society. These prevalent moods among the Ukrainian intellectuals together with the specific features of the Ukrainian Orthodox devotion centered mostly on the figures of Christ, the incarnate Logos, and His Mother, the Virgin Mary, are the dominant factors that had an impact on the choice of Biblical images and motifs and their interpretation.
Song of Songs, Ukrainian baroque literature, Пісня Пісень, українська барокова література