Графічний інтерфейс для рекомендаційної системи

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Димченко, Олексій
Смиш, Олег
Жежерун, Олександр
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У статті описано створення модуля графічного інтерфейсу для рекомендаційної системи, яка допомагає розв’язувати задачі з планіметрії на побудову. Умову задачі записано українською мовою. Окреслено об’єднання цього модуля зі створеним модулем опрацювання тексту задач. Детально описано процес отримання планіметричної задачі, здійснення її обробки, розв’язування та побудову кінцевого малюнка.
Today, mathematics plays a huge part of our everyday life. But due to the poor school education and lack of open access resources, many students find it difficult to be fully prepared for the independent external evaluation in mathematics, especially geometry. Although much has already been done to conduct higher knowledge results, lots of students still have gaps in understanding simple problem solving. Clearly, geometry requires a more fundamental and visual implementation to the studying process than algebra in order to increase the overall knowledge level of Ukrainian applicants for higher education. Students often do not have access to innovative studying instruments in their schools necessary for successful completion of geometry classes, which is why they receive weak results in tests. In the research, we are concentrating on the planimetry problems, because they can be easily produced in a written form. After analyzing all types of describing a problem, the best option for the system is the open-type problems with the short answer. The article concentrates on creating a graphical interface module, implementing it to the existing language processing module, and introducing a recommendation system that demonstrates a new fundamental instrument that can change the learning technique and give a comprehensive way of explaining geometry problems. The created system receives an open-type planimetry problem in Ukrainian language, processes it using the NLP module, and transfers the data directly to the interface module, which creates an image of the problem. Then the student can try to draw all the required figures, while the system continuously checks the progress. Recommendations (hints) can be applied during the process by the system. Interface and the NLP modules were created separately, independently, and using different programming languages. For that purpose, we use an intermediate stage – JSON file, which is used to transfer the processed information.
обробка природної мови, видобування інформації, рекомендаційна система, планіметрія, стаття, natural language processing, information extraction, recommendation system, planimetry, article
Димченко О.В. Графічний інтерфейс для рекомендаційної системи / Димченко О. В., Смиш О. Р., Жежерун О. П. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Комп'ютерні науки. - 2021. - Т. 4. - С. 93-97. - https://doi.org/10.18523/2617-3808.2021.4.93-97