Василь Гайдучок – поет одного циклу

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Лигіна, Анна
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У статті розглянуто єдиний відомий цикл Василя Гайдучка, опублікований у журналі "Скриня". Текст проаналізовано з огляду на проблему мовчання, яка є принципово важливою для українського поетичного андеграунду, хоча й осмислюється в різних аксіологічних і значеннєвих площинах. Поезію зіставлено з текстами інших поетів-скринян.
The article analyzes the only known poetic cycle by Vasyl Haiduchok, published in the Skrynia magazine. The text is focused on the problem of silence, which is fundamental for Ukrainian underground poetry, in spite of being understood in different axiological and semantic planes. The article discovers how the concept of silence interacts with the Christian symbols, concepts of time and death, and traditional Ukrainian images. Being connected with the internal emigration as a constructive strategy of the author who resists the invasion of the aggressive Soviet language, the concept of unvoiced is also substantial for surrealistic and hermeticism poetics. Moreover, Vasyl Haiduchok and other Ukrainian poets of the late 60s and 70s were forced to silence in an act of cultural and ideological abuse of the totalitarian system. After the arrests of the Lviv intellectuals and the confiscation of the entire print run of the Skrynia in 1972, Vasyl Haiduchok never went back to creative writing and died in poverty. The aim of the article is to return his voice to the Ukrainian literature discourse. To discover the philosophical particularities of the cycle we compare it with the texts of other poets of the Skrynia magazine. We draw a parallel between the artistic destiny of Haiduchok and Chubai. Censorship and political persecution pushed both of the writers not only into the underground but also into complete silence. While the poetry by Chubai is scientifically analyzed in modern journals, the cycle by Haiduchok is almost unknown even among philologists.
Василь Гайдучок, мовчання, "Скриня", поезія українського андеграунду, стаття, Vasyl Haiduchok, silence, Skrynia, Ukrainian underground poetry
Лигіна А. Д. Василь Гайдучок – поет одного циклу / Лигіна А. Д. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Літературознавство. - 2022. - Т. 3. - С. 49-52. - https://doi.org/10.18523/2618-0537.2022.3.49-52