Вибір мови комунікації в ситуації українсько-російського білінгвізму

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Левчук, Павло
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У статті подано соціолінгвістичні дослідження багатомовності в Україні, зокрема українсько-російського білінгвізму. Виявлено зміни у використанні української та російської мов, які відрізняються від задекларованої респондентами першої мови.
The issue of protecting the state language remains unresolved after the declaration of independence of Ukraine. Actually, Ukrainian society remains bilingual as in the times of the USSR, where the Russian language was able to replace the state language without any legal and practical difficulties. The language consciousness has appeared only after the Revolution of Dignity and with the beginning of Russian aggression in Ukraine. However, the issue of Ukrainian-Russian bilingualism is more often a subject of debate than an in-depth sociolinguistic research. Purpose. The aims of this article are to show the motivation of choosing the language in a particular communication situation and to identify causes of language acquisition of non-state language, which has an important position in the state. Methods. Fragments of own sociolinguistic studies on multilingualism in Ukraine, where the author is interested only in answers related to the Russian and Ukrainian languages, their places of languages learning/ acquisition, places of use of these languages, as well as linguistic behavior during verbal and non-verbal communication with the surrounding environment. Results. Almost every third respondent chose two languages to be used on the radio and television, as well as non-verbal forms of communication. This tendency is observed in Ukrainian and Russian-language questionnaires, which suggests that the language selection can be corrected through the state policy. Discussion. Ukraine should establish a state policy of the Ukrainian language dominance in all spheres to provide its comprehensive development. Particular attention should be focused to those citizens who want to learn the Ukrainian language. In order to achieve this, special programs should be created and appropriate textbooks should be published.
білінгвізм, українська мова, російська мова, мовна поведінка, стаття, bilingualism, Ukrainian language, Russian language, linguistic behavior
Левчук Павло. Вибір мови комунікації в ситуації українсько-російського білінгвізму / Павло Левчук // Мова : класичне - модерне - постмодерне : збірник наукових праць / відп. ред. В. Ожоган ; Нац. ун-т "Києво-Могилянська академія". - Київ : Дух і Літера, 2017. - Вип. 3. - С. 46-52.