Глобальне визначення соціальної роботи та український контекст

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Бойко, О. М.
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У статті проаналізовано проблему визначення соціальної роботи в Україні та світі. Вперше подано перекладений українською мовою повний текст документа з коментарями «Глобальне визначення соціальної роботи», прийнятого у 2014 р. Міжнародною асоціацією шкіл соціальної роботи та Міжнародною федерацією соціальних працівників.
The article explores the issue of social work definition in Ukraine and in the world from the perspective of the social work professional project. Based on the documents analysis and literature review, the author claims that in Ukraine there is no nationally approved definition of social work, and thus different definitions are used by practitioners, academics, and policy makers by creating the pool of understanding social work in various contexts. However, in some academic environments in Ukraine they often refer to the Global Definition of Social Work adopted in 2014 by the International Association of Schools of Social Work and International Federation of Social Workers. At the same time, the definition of social work is critically important for developing its professional project, including education and training, its body of knowledge and practice across the world, including Ukraine. Thus it is vital for all the stakeholders to understand the complex meaning and notions used in the Global Definition of Social Work. Along with the discussion of the issue, the author has embedded into the article the full text of the Global Definition of Social Work which was fully translated into Ukrainian for the first time. This was done to ensure that all the local stakeholders were aware of the meaning of all the terms and explanations provided in the Global Definition. The author claims that, but for considering the key issues described in the Global Definition document, for Ukrainian social work, it is also vitally important to develop common understanding of social work core and content in academic, professional, and policy environments. While developing the national definition, it is critical to consider the local context of the social work professional project and the experience of implementing three cycles of education in the social work in Ukraine.
глобальне визначення соціальної роботи, професійний проект, освіта з соціальної роботи, Global Definition of Social Work, social work professional project, social work in Ukraine, social work education
Бойко О. М. Глобальне визначення соціальної роботи та український контекст / Бойко О. М. // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Педагогічні, психологічні науки та соціальна робота. - 2017. - Т. 199. - С. 85-90.