Between ‘Common Values’ and Competing Universals: The Promotion of the EU’s Common Values through the European Neighbourhood Policy: [preprint]

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Petrov, Roman
Leino, Paivi
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The aim of this article is to discuss the position of common values in the domain of EU external relations. The article looks at the role of common values in defining the EU's identity in its external policies and uses the European Neighbourhood Policy as an example. It is argued that the notion 'common values' is used by the EU institutions as both a 'universal' and an 'EU' concept, which highlights their abstract nature. Such abstraction is also reflected in the way in which Russia has recently aimed at developing its own set of 'common values' to be adopted by the neighbour countries. It is concluded that the ENP does not promote jointly shared common values to be adopted by neighbour countries. Instead, it employs a conditionality policy to ensure that the EU’s own understanding of the meaning of its values are adopted by neighbour countries.
common values, competing universals, загальні цінності, конкурентні універсалізми
Petrov R. Between 'Common Values' and Competing Universals: The Promotion of the EU's Common Values through the European Neighbourhood Policy / Roman Petrov and Paivi Leino // European Law Journal. - 2009. - Vol. 15(5). - P. 654-671.