Administration of Telecommunication Company Staff Potential in Ukraine

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Kovshova, Iryna
Dubovyk, Nataliia
Zubko, Tatyana
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The goal of the article is to develop theoretical and methodological guideline and practical recommendations for administration of staff potential by telecommunication companies based on marketing management in the modern conditions. The methodological basis of the research are fundamentals of the modern socio-economic theory, management and marketing grounded on the system-synergistic approach to staff potential administration in domestic telecommunication companies and international corporations in Ukraine. Within the framework of this approach, general scientific and specific methods of cognition have been used, in particular: analysis and synthesis, scientific abstraction, deduction and induction, dialectical analysis, statistical analysis, economic and mathematical modeling. The scientific novelty of the research lies in the development of system-synergetic paradigm of marketing management in telecommunication companies, which provides optimal harmonization of goals of companies with various benefits of interested parties to create a social effect. Conclusions. Implementation of marketing management by domestic telecommunication companies and international corporations in Ukraine is favourable for creating reputation of a reliable supplier of products and services to consumers, popularization of an employer brand, maximum satisfaction of consumer requirements, formation of balanced management system with coordination of actions according to different dynamic cycles for simultaneous achievement of economic and organizational effectiveness and a social effect.
marketing management, telecommunication company, staff potential, TC company, social effect, employer brand, economic and organizational effectiveness, managerial staff, staff potential administration, article
Kovshova I. O. Administration of Telecommunication Company Staff Potential in Ukraine [electronic resourse] / Iryna Kovshova, Nataliia Dubovyk, Tetiana Zubko // International Journal of Management and Humanities. - 2020. - Vol. 4, Issue 10. - P. 135-140.