Професійний розвиток особистості фахівця : поняття, зміст та особливості

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Ягупов, Василий
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The article proves that personality and specialist are in unity, have direct influence on each other, directly mutually conditioned by each other. It analyzes professional development of the specialist’s personality and characterizes main factors (biological, social, those of upraising and activity) of the professional development. It also focuses on the leading properties, features and manifestations of the specialist’s personality. It characterizes main methodological approaches to the proof of the specialist’s personality professional development. It is focused on the priority of the subject-activity approach which, at the same time, takes into consideration demands of other approaches (personality, activity, system, subject) and methodological principles (unity of consciousness and behavior, personality and activity etc.) It represents main stages of the personality specialist’s professional development and briefly characterizes its nature. It finds out that such development is personality professional in nature that shows the process of personality development in the professional environment aimed at full mobilization of its spiritual, cognitive, professional and expert kinds of potential as a definite specialist in a professional activity and at achieving essential results in it. It proves the nature of the concept “professional development” as to the specialist’s personality.
особистість фахівця, професійний розвиток, чинники професійного розвитку, етапи професійного розвитку, особистісно-професійний розвиток, професіоналізм, професійна діяльність
Ягупов В. В. Професійний розвиток особистості фахівця : поняття, зміст та особливості / Ягупов В. В. //